Tactical Strobe Light
Protection to Disorient
Predators or Intruders

60-Day Money Back Guarantee | As Seen on TV
XL900 Tac Lite

  • Built-In Stainless Steel Army-Style Tools
  • The Strobe Light Protection You Need in Emergency Situations
  • 9 Long-Lasting Ultra Bright LED lights
  • Perfect for Outdoors & Dark Spaces
  • Keeps Burning Bright Under Water
  • Built-In Emergency Escape Tools
  • Protection Button Triggers a Flashing, Blinding Strobe
  • Zoom In for Pin-Point Clarity
  • Zoom Out for a Powerful, Wide Beam
  • Visible Up to 2 Nautical Miles Away
  • Heavy-Duty, Tank-Tough Durable Construction
  • Easy Grip, Ergonomic Handle

Ultra Powerful Rechargeable Military Grade LED Flashlight – Equipped With 900 Lumens & 8 Built-In Stainless Steel Army-Style Tools

Is your flashlight not doing the job?

Ordinary flashlights are big and bulky. They burn through expensive batteries, draining your wallet. Plus, they don't offer the same protection as military grade flashlights.

Discover Tac Light: the XL 900 Military-Grade Rechargeable Survival Light. It's the last flashlight you'll ever have to buy. It outshines standard flashlights nearly daylight bright.

Tac Light is a heavy duty, rechargeable tactical flashlight equipped with 8 stainless steel army-style tools. It's loaded with state of the art Tactical Technology.

If you feel threatened at night, activate the Protection Button. This triggers a blinding, flashing strobe light to disorient and neutralize a home intruder or aggressive street predator.

Zoom in for pinpoint clarity in tight, dark spaces. Zoom out for a wide beam to brighten shadowy places.

The Tactical Flash Light secret is 9 long-lasting, ultra-bright, LED lights that power a beam visible up to 2 nautical miles away.

Rechargeable 900 Lumen Military-Grade Flashlight with Heavy Duty Tactical Technology + Army-Style Tools